Life’s deepest lessons require more than looking within ourselves. We must also examine the invisible chains of social mind - the predictable habits of thought, beliefs and assumptions of our deep cultural conditioning. (More Quotes)

                        Joseph Shaules  (Bio)

This site is dedicated to a greater understanding of “deep culture”, the unconscious conditioning that shapes our thinking and view of the world in hidden ways. It was created by Joseph Shaules with support from the Japan Intercultural Institute. It includes online tools and educational resources related to cultural difference and intercultural learning styles. Here you will find:

  • The PICO profiler - an online survey that measures an individual´s intercultural learning style.
  • The PICO Deep Culture survey - an online survey used to understand an individual´s values compared to those from people around the world.
  • Educational resources - Books, information about cultural learning, as well as article downloads and information about intercultural workshops and training.

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Deep Culture: The Hidden Challenges of Global Living